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New Changes To Landlord Registration Fees Scotland

15th September 2020

If you’re an existing landlord, you’ll be aware that you are required to be registered, which requires an application fee. 

The registration scheme aims to provide a register of all landlords for public inspection, assist in discussions between local government and landlords as well as ensure that all private landlords are ‘fit and proper; to let properties.

Failing to be on the landlord register, whether as a letting agent, private landlord or joint owner of a property you manage is a criminal offence and can result in fines.

These registration fees change over time, which can make it tricky to stay up-to-date, but don’t worry, this where Pure Property Management can help keep you informed.

Broken down in a principal fee and a property fee, these are current registration fees for landlords in Scotland as of 2020:

Application with a single local council/authority = £66

Two or more applications with different local authorities = £33 (per local council/authority)

Property cost for each property rented out by the landlord = £15

There are exemptions and discounts for the fee, which are automatically applied in the registration process, which include:

  • House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licenced properties require no fee
  • Scottish registered charities require no fee
  • Only the lead owner has to pay the principal fee; all other joint owners can apply for free
  • Online applications receive a 50% discount to the principal fee, reducing it to £33 per local authority

Your registration expires after three years and must be renewed if you want to continue as a landlord, failure to do so will result in a late fee of £132.

You can find more details, update and renew your registration online on the Scottish Government website.

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