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Quick Guide to Eviction Ban

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I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on social media about the fact that here in Scotland we’re not allowed to evict tenants.


I’d like to bring some clarity… we are still allowed to evict tenants! We are still allowed to give tenants on a PRT the Notice to Leave documents, we can still serve the documents on the tenants & if the tenants don’t leave the property after 28 days or 3 months, we can still apply to the First Tier Housing Tribunal for an eviction order. If we win the case at the First Tier Housing Tribunal, an eviction order will be granted. Where the system breaks down is that the Sheriff Officers will not execute the Eviction Order.

You as a landlord are still allowed to ask a tenant to leave & hopefully the tenant will leave at the end of their notice period on their own accord. If not, you can go through the First Tier Housing Tribunal.

The process hasn’t changed… you can still ask a tenant to leave!
If a tenant has been in a property for less than six months; you need to give them 28 days notice. If the tenant has been in the property for more than 6 months; then you must give them eighty four days notice.

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