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141 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9PW
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

Property Acquisition and Refurbishment

4:06 pm

Buy – Refurb – Rent

This property was purchased in December 2022.

It hadn’t had any upgrading done for about 30 to 40 years.
The video will show you “before & after” photos and you will see how the property has been transformed!

This property has been purchased for the rental market. The standard of the refurbishment is of a good quality to attract a good quality tenant but we have not broken the bank with the refurbishment costs.

From the time we collected the keys to the time a tenant moved in was just under 2 months… and this was over the festive season!

The key to this project being successful was:

  • Local knowledge of the area
  • Knowing what the property would rent for in a “done up” condition
  • A good & reliable “Power Team” of tradesmen
  • Good planning of the project
  • Quick decision making
  • Reliable suppliers
  • A pro-active, fast & reliable letting agency!

The refurbishment included the following:

  • New boiler & radiators
  • New carpets & LVT flooring throughout
  • New decoration throughout
  • New internal doors & ironmongery
  • New kitchen & appliances
  • New bathroom including: bath, shower, basin, toilet, shower screen & wet-wall
  • New lighting
  • Upgraded fusebox
  • All new compliance certificate

The cost of the project has come in at about £15,000 which was a little over budget, but inflation has bumped up prices for materials!

The property was on the market for all of 1 week while the very first viewer was going through credit and reference checks!

If you have a property that you’re thinking of buying but don’t know how to work out the number or would like some advice, feel free to get in touch by filling out our contact form!

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