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141 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9PW
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Property Management Edinburgh

Property Management Edinburgh

We continue to work hard for you after you sign

Pure Property Management

Property Management Service

High-quality properties deserve high-quality tenants


The Edinburgh property market is overcrowded, and we know this. While other companies may cut corners to fill vacancies, we approach things a little differently. 

  • Rigorous and secure rental agreements
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • 98% occupancy rates
  • Strict tenancy guidelines

With a focus on finding quality properties and tenants and offering fair prices, we can continue to deliver our highly professional property management services to both our tenants and landlords. On average, it takes us about 15 days to let out a property, from the time a tenant gives their notice to vacate the property until we take the property off the market with a fully vetted tenant ready to sign the lease!


The best prices for everyone involved


Before putting any property on the market, we first make sure the price is right. The first step we take to ensure this is to complete a full appraisal. Knowing everything about a property, its inventory and what it offers, allows us to compare it to the current property market. This allows us to be confident that you will receive the highest possible rent while still offering reasonable prices to prospective tenants. 


Finding the right tenants


The next step we take is to get your property on the market and find the best tenants for occupying it.

Unlike other companies, we never cut corners to fill a property. Using our strict tenant screening, we can ensure that all our tenants are suitable before accepting any offers. This screening process includes thoroughly checking:

  • Affordability: making sure all our tenants are in a suitable position to supply consistent rent payments.
  • Occupation: when considering professionals and students, we may need to consider extra steps if affordability is not met, such as additional upfront rent payments, higher deposits or guarantors. 
  • Background checks: such as identity checks, previous address history and credit status, ensuring we have all the information we need before moving forward.

For more information on how we process tenancy applications, please take a look at our detailed breakdown.

 With the rental price set, tenants checked and verified, and tenancy agreement signed we then itemise all your goods and inventory; preparing for the property’s new occupants.

If you need any further information on what we offer or more details on why we’re the best choice for managing your property, get in touch, or take a look around our website.

If you consider us as your property management company in Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, West Lothian and Midlothian, we’ll prove our worth. Have a look under our “Landlord Advice” tab for more information about our property management services.

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You give us the opportunity as your property management company in Edinburgh & we’ll work hard for you.

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