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What is the Application process?

How to Apply

You need to start by contacting one of our Property Managers and setting up a viewing.

If a viewing is not possible due to certain circumstances, exceptions can be made but this needs to be arranged with the Property Manager.

To arrange a viewing please call 0131 6560390.


All Applicants must usually be employed and be able to prove so. Annual earnings must be approximately 30 times the amount of the rent thereby showing clear affordability. We don’t want to put your budget in a bad position down the road!

Students and Overseas Applicants

It is possible to be accepted for a tenancy by paying the full rental up front for the initial let period, but proof of identity and credit checks may still be required.

Alternatively, applicants who fail to meet the affordability requirements or pay their full rental up front for the duration of the initial lease may request to have a Guarantor. Any Guarantor will be required to meet the same criteria as detailed above for tenants.

Making an Offer

If you are interested in one of our properties, you need to call our office (0131 6560390) and make an offer as well as pay a part-deposit of £200 or £500 in the case of HMO properties. At this stage, we will need to know some specific details about your employment status, income, previous address history, and credit status. We will send you a quick questionnaire. If you have lived in the UK for less than five years we will need to ask further questions about how long you have lived in the UK and your current immigration status.

Once we have collected all the details of your offer we will need to present them to the Landlord for approval and then get quickly back to you. If more than one offer is made then we may ask the landlord to choose which offer he would like to accept but normally it works on a first-come, first-serve basis if all your details and credit checks come back positive.

Application Process

If your offer is accepted then we proceed to the next stage which is as follows:

Download the relevant Tenant and/or Guarantor Tenant and Guarantor Application forms below

  • Application for Tenancy
  • Student Application for Tenancy
  • Private Residential Tenancy (PRT)
  • Repairing Standard Document
  • Tenant’s Household Guide
  • Guarantor Agreement

Deposit Terms and Conditions
Payments can be made by debit or credit card or online bank transfer into our bank account: Please contact us for bank details.

Tenant Application Forms

It is essential that these are completed fully and accurately and that all tenants and guarantors return their application forms within two working days with the following proofs. We may come back to you to ask for additional information or proof, and this must be supplied within two days of request.

Please be sure to advise your employer or previous landlord that Pure Property Management, or a referencing company, will be in touch to verify your details.

• Tenants must provide documents from categories A, B and C below. Tenants with low incomes may need a Guarantor

• Guarantors must provide documents from categories A, B and C below

• Overseas Applicants who cannot provide documents from section B may be able to provide documents from section D instead and should check with us first.

NB – if you submit copies or scans and emails we must also see the originals. The property is not guaranteed to be let to you until you have provided the requested information within the time period and you have passed the application process.

What is a Guarantor

A guarantor should be a relative or close friend who is in a secure financial position and has lived in the UK for at least five years. They should be able to demonstrate sufficient income to be able to afford the rental of the property on top of their own personal monthly outgoings.

It is essential that they understand their obligations before agreeing to be a guarantor and are prepared to sign a Guarantor Agreement – sample below:

A – Proof of Identification

Copy of passport OR Copy of photo driving licence

B – Proof of Current and Previous Address – for last 3 years

Each proof must have the relevant address stated on your application for that year and the date sent. If you moved during a year you will need something for each property in that year. For utility bills, statements, etc it is the date it was sent to you that counts. Acceptable proofs include:

Utility bills including gas, electric, TV licence, council tax
Bank, credit card, mortgage or loan statements
Landline phone, mobile, Virgin Media or Sky
Doctors letters on headed paper from an established practice/hospital – you might
be able to ask them to provide a letter confirming all your addresses with dates

Letters from government bodies on headed paper such as HMRC may be

C – Proof of Affordability

If in permanent job – 2 month’s recent pay slips OR 3 weeks if paid weekly

If self employed – 1 year P&L accounts or 3 month bank statements

If retired – 3 month’s recent pension advices OR 3 month’s bank statements

If about to start new permanent job – copy of employment contract

If student – proof of sponsorship income or you will need a guarantor

D – Proof for New UK Residents from Overseas

Copy of National Insurance letter when they sent you your NI number

Copy of work or student visa

Bank or credit card statement
Successful Applications

Pure Property Management, or our referencing company, might come back to you for more information. We will then inform you that your application has been successful and subsequently arrange an appointment for you come in to our offices to sign the tenancy agreement and ask you to pay the balance of the deposit and first month’s rent.

All joint tenants and guarantors will be required to attend the lease signing. Exceptions can be made for Guarantors who live too far away to attend as long as their Guarantor Agreement is returned by post before the date of entry.


Regardless of the above process, the landlord will be asked to make the final decision on whether to proceed with a tenant’s application for a tenancy and reserves the right to refuse to proceed with any tenancy at any time until the Tenancy Agreement is signed. In this instance all fees and any deposit already paid will be refunded in full to the tenant.

Application Assistance and Advice

We also understand that sometimes a situation is not just cut a dry and so if you find your self in a more challenging position and are not able to meet some of the criteria set out above then please contact us for free advice. We treat people like individuals not just numbers so in response to this we are always willing to meet you halfway and present your case to the Landlord as it is ultimately always the Landlord’s decision.

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