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How do I Employ Pure Property Management?

Employ Pure Property Management today and let us do the hard work for you!

You’ve got two easy options. You can call our office and book an appointment to meet with one of our property managers personally for a no obligation consultation.

OR, if you can’t meet in person, simply send us your details and we’ll set up a telephone or Skype conversation. If you are able to meet up with one of our Property Managers personally

Interested in hiring us as your property management or property maintenance team?

Complete a simple form with your details by clicking HERE

Scan and email or post a copy of the following:

  • Landlord ID (for each landlord if joint) – passport or driving licence
  • Proof of home address (for each landlord if joint) – any recent utility bill will suffice
  • Proof of ownership of the property to be let – mortgage statement, letter confirming ownership by a solicitor or similar

Managed Service

You can find full details of our Managed Service, which is referred to in the Management Contract, HERE.

Landlord Registration

All Landlords must register as landlords with the local council, we will need the Landlord Registration Number.

Click here to find more details on applying for Landlord Registration.

HMRC – Non-Resident Landlords (NRL) Scheme

If you currently live or plan to live abroad, you may have to register with HMRC to allow us to pay your rent without deducting tax on their behalf.

All the details for applying can be found by clicking here.

If you believe you or any joint landlord will be classified as a Non-resident Landlord by

HMRC, you must register and send us your reference number when it is received.


We offer a range of products that will suite your budget but recommend a full descriptive with colour pictures of inventory carried out for you in order to protect you in the event that the tenant damages your property in any way- you can find out more details and the charges for this by clicking HERE.


We will arrange for an EPC and any safety certificates as required. You can find more information about these certificates by clicking HERE.

Preparing your Property for Letting

By carefully picking our tenants then looking after them and their needs, we find that our tenants stay longer and properties suffer less wear and tear. In order to get off on the right foot, we ask our clients to hand over their properties in good condition. If there are any areas that need attention, we will usually point these out when we meet at the property. There are a number of things which can be done to prepare for handover, click HERE to view.


We need at least three (preferably four) full sets of keys for the property (if it’s a student let then we may need more as we always keep a set in the office.) Please supply these at the start of marketing – if you don’t have enough sets we can organise cutting more for you.

Furnishings and Contents

If the property is to be let unfurnished, then nothing other than kitchen white goods should be left in the property.

If it is furnished then please feel free to discuss options with us. If we started with an empty property we would say to only furnish it with white goods and main items like sofas, coffee & side tables, beds, bedside cabinets, chests of drawers and wardrobes. The only electrical appliance we would suggest leaving is a vacuum cleaner.

If you wish to fully furnish the kitchen or there is already crockery and so on in the property then make sure it is a nice neat set in good condition with no chipped or cracked crockery and no pots and pans which are burnt or in poor condition. In these cases you can also leave a kettle and toaster or a microwave but these have to be tested annually and replaced if broken. There are some tenants who need these items so it can be good to fully furnish the kitchen but it is becoming more common for tenants to have to arrange their own kitchen items.

Please remove any other items from the property including, for example: old wooden spoons and stained or scratched chopping boards, anything other than a basic set of utensils in good condition, any other electrical appliances or old lamps. If the property is nicely furnished then it can be nice to leave some nice lamps in the rooms to make it more marketable.

We recommend you don’t leave any linen, sheets, duvets, pillows, towels or anything else in the cupboards. Tenants are likely to have lots of their own things they wish to keep in the cupboards so it is best if they start off empty to leave storage space for them.


As we expect our tenants to return properties as they find them we give all our new properties a deep clean before they first move in. We then try to ensure they pay the cost of any cleaning required when they leave.

It is ideal if you can clean the flat well before handing it over to us and have it ready for marketing. We will then arrange for our cleaner to give it a sparkle clean prior to the first tenants moving in.

If you wish us to clean it before marketing, please let us know and this can be arranged.

Appliances and Instruction Manuals

Please supply manuals and instructions for use of all appliances in the property as far as possible.

Common Areas

Where the property has shared common areas with other properties please supply clear instructions for the tenants. This will include details of when stair cleaning or gardening is carried out and how the tenant should pay their share. If you don’t supply us with this at the start it is hard to ensure tenants pay their shares. If there is an annual cost of cleaning stairs or gardening then it can be easier to pay this direct as the landlord and include it in the rent.


Rent Payments

Nearly all our properties have rents due on the first of the month. We will pay the rent, after deduction of costs, to the nominated landlord bank account by BACS transfer to arrive in the account within seven days of the tenant paying their rent. This date may vary for payments where we are letting a property for the first time or in a month where the property is changing tenants. It can take longer to sort these out as card payments from the tenants can take some time to clear in our accounts.

Maintenance Float

Once the first tenant has moved in and we have collected their rent and deposit we will deduct £150 from this to hold as a maintenance float for the property. This float will be held in a separate client ledger against your name and used to pay for any maintenance work required in the property. If it is used, then the balance will be topped up from the next rent payment. We will instruct work up to the value of this float if required to meet the Repairing Standard under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. We will contact you to discuss any work required above this value unless the work has to be carried out as an emergency repair.

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