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141 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9PW
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

Why hire Pure Property Management?

We have more than twenty years of experience renting and managing properties, in Scotland and abroad.

But there’s so much more:

  1. Huge potential client base: Our extensive property database attracts major enquiries from tenants searching for all types of properties in Edinburgh.
  2. High occupancy rate: We’re proud that our properties stay filled with tenants at about a 95% rate, depending on the time of the year.
  3. Personal attention: As a smaller company, we can afford landlords personalized service & maximum time showing and marketing available properties.
  4. Connections: We’re approached by relocation agents with clients worldwide needing a wide range of properties
  5. Secure and rigorous: We have a system to make sure market regulations and internal polices are followed, with maximum security for landlords.
  6. Inventory services: Trained staff prepare and check a thorough condition report. Internal and external photographs are taken at the start and end of each tenancy at NO additional cost to landlords, so you know your property’s exact state.
  7. Minimum late rent: Standing Order is used to collect rent to give us far better control and keep late rent payments from tenant to an absolute minimum.
  8. Thorough screening: Tenants have a strict screening and selection process. Reference and credit checks mean only the most qualified tenants occupy your space. High quality tenants mean stable income and minimal hassle.
  9. Flexible focus: We manage properties for individual landlords and investors with significant property portfolios. The service is always professional and tailored to your needs.
  10. Online access: Our web-base accounts management service means instant account access anywhere in the world.
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