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Five Tips to Create Great Property Photographs

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Putting properties up for rent and attracting the right kind of clients involves a step by step process. All landlords and property agencies want reliable, honest tenants and attracting this kind of individual means ensuring your properties look as good as they possibly can. The better a property looks the more likely good tenants will want to live there. With so many online portals for renting property, photos can make a real difference. Countless advertisements have blurred or stretched photos and this doesn’t create a professional image. Below are five easy ways you can improve your property photographs and attract more and better potential tenants.

1. Use a Good Camera

Mobile phone shots took quickly when walking around a property once aren’t going to cut it if you want to attract a good quantity and quality of tenants. In-built smartphone cameras are better than they once were but they don’t match up to the quality offered by a proper digital SLR camera. They optimise photos for all light conditions and the image quality is significantly higher than that of a phone snap.

2. Invest in a Tripod

Razor sharp images are difficult to achieve with the camera in the hand and naturally we wriggle and move as we snap. Investing in a Tripod allows you to setup the shots for each room carefully and with time and space to step away from the shot to check it’s just right.

3. Look for the Light

The best photographs in any environment you need to use as much natural light as possible. This can be tricky when you’re taking photos of inside a property there may not be a huge amount of natural light. Where possible ensure the light is behind you and get the best take of each room, shooting into brightness results in overexposure and blurriness.

4. Check for Clutter

Even one item out of place can ruin a shot. Very often you may take a fantastic shot, get back to view it on the computer and see there’s a rogue t-shirt or sock in the corner, removing the professional quality of the image. Make sure rooms are as tidy and smart as possible before even switching the camera on.

5. Invest in a Photographer

If you don’t have a digital SLR camera (and they’re not particularly cheap) or the skillset to take quality photos, then investing in a professional photographer can save all your woes. If you work with a freelancer you may find they’ll do a deal for several property shoots or you can hire them on a needs-only basis, keeping costs down.

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