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Why should you move to Edinburgh?

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Edinburgh is a hugely popular city with people from around the world and many people who only plan to stay for a short time never leave. Choosing to rent in Edinburgh is a great way to get a feel for the city and with the right Edinburgh letting agency you can spend a bit of time getting to know the city and realising why it really is one of the best places to live in the world. Here are just some of the top reasons you should move to Edinburgh.

  1. Compact and Connected

No one likes a long commute and in Edinburgh there is never this worry. Edinburgh is reported to have some of the lowest commute times in the United Kingdom. Some go as far as to say you can walk practically anywhere in Edinburgh in 20-30 minutes. A shorter time spent travelling to and from work provides a real boost to your quality of living. Also, if you’re wanting to get away from Edinburgh, you’re not too far away from some other major areas of Scotland. For example, Glasgow can be a great place to visit for the walks, or Fife for the beaches.

  1. Affordable

When compared to other parts of the UK, Edinburgh’s rents are competitively affordable. Considering it is the capital city of Scotland and a hub of commerce, industry, retail and entertainment, rental prices really are impressive. Edinburgh residents tend to have more spare capital for enjoying their lives as rents are affordable.

  1. Open and Green

Edinburgh has been voted one of the greenest cities in the world many times and it has a great rating for low pollution levels too. There are parks, meadows and riversides to explore, as well as a fresher, healthier lifestyle to enjoy, if you choose to embrace it. There are secret green spots all over the city, picnic spots and the opportunity just to relax in the open air. Areas like Winton Castle near the city can be visited for clay pigeon shooting and 4×4 driving, as well as other outdoor based activities.

  1. Festival Central

Edinburgh has twelve main festivals a year, with Edinburgh the obvious peak. Of course, the festivals bring in a lot of tourists but if you live in Edinburgh you’re in the heart of the action already. Whatever your particular interest or passion it’s likely there’s a festival in Edinburgh celebrating it.

Once you’ve decided Edinburgh is for you then making the move can be extremely straightforward. A good Edinburgh letting agency will help find you the perfect home and should you decide to stay permanently, you can explore your options further.

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